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Talk About a Disposable Society

May 11, 1999

Question from May 4:

Aside from clothing baby bottoms, what uses do you suggest for disposable diapers?

From 1970 to '73, I used soiled Pampers to fill in potholes in my muddy country road during the "thaw season" in Norton, Vt., at Earth People's Park.

--BONNIE-ZEE, Palm Springs

Teenagers use them for hot-rod repair cleanups instead of grabbing Mom's best towels.


An alternative use for disposable diapers? Place mats for the truly indiscriminate.

--PERRY ALLEN, Carlsbad

They should be used as hats for anyone who has ever dumped one in a parking lot instead of disposing of it correctly.

--WIL SCARROW, Bellflower

Place a very large one over Yugoslavia. Its fire retardant chemicals might put out the smoldering hatred there.

--WALT HOPMANS, Santa Barbara

Gags for people with potty mouths.


Question for May 11:

The anagram genius Web site allows computer users to type in their names and find out what secret message lies therein (see story, this page). What anagram does your name spell out?

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