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Name Game Mixes and Matches Well

May 11, 1999|MARTIN MILLER

What's in a name? Sometimes, an anagram--the rearrangement of letters of a word--that reveals a hidden message.

At, one of many Web sites devoted to anagrams, visitors can punch in any name (sometimes, a fee is charged) and see what message pops up. The site has a bank of anagrams for famous folks.

Among the favorites are:

* William Jefferson Clinton--"Clown joins female in flirt" or "Jilts nice women. In for fall."

* Barney the purple dinosaur--"Unpopular hysteria bender."

* William Shakespeare--"I am a weakish speller."

* Madonna Louise Ciccone--"Occasional nude income."

* Woody Allen--"A lewd loonie."

* Bonnie and Clyde--"Cyanide 'n' Blonde."

You can also submit your own name, and in a few moments the service (for free) will send you an e-mail with more phrases and words from your name than you might have ever imagined. Take it from me, "I'm Rant Miller" or "Mr. Manlier Lit" or "Mr., I'm all inert."

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