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A consumer's guide to the best and worst of sports media and merchandise. Ground rules: If it can be read, played, heard, observed, worn, viewed, dialed or downloaded, it's in play here.

May 11, 1999|SCOTT MOE


With the college sports year ending in less than a month, this is a valuable resource for anyone seeking information on championship dates, sites, times, television schedules and the like.

The site leaves a lot to be desired in attractiveness, but is thorough.

The main page has lead-ins to some stories and a search engine. But the value is on the left side of the screen, where there's a list of men's and women's sports, which link to championship information.

Most helpful of all, there are television schedules.

Then there's the history. It's thorough, as far as it goes, but the last year covered is 1996-97. For instance, it lists Tennessee as having won the last two women's basketball titles. The Lady Vols actually won three straight before failing to make the Final Four this spring.

But again, the volume of information helps make up for that. There is information for Divisions II and III as well, and in the category of, "You never know when you might need it to settle a bet," there's a listing of every mascot in Division I.

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