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City Gives Managers 3.1% Salary Increase

May 12, 1999|TONY LYSTRA

The Simi Valley City Council approved a compensation package for department heads and managers that gives them a raise and boost in benefits for the 1999-2000 fiscal year.

The package includes a 3.1% across-the-board cost-of-living salary increase for the city's 182 managers, who include department heads, police lieutenants, engineers and city planners.

The city will also contribute an extra $20 to the 401(k) plans of each employee during each biweekly pay period. The increase raises the city's contribution to the managers' 401(k) accounts to $80 each pay period.

Managers will see an increase in their annual paid leave from 139 hours to 159 hours for those who have worked for the city less than five years and from 165 hours to 185 hours for those who have worked more than five years.

In addition, the city will pay a larger chunk of the managers' health insurance payments in anticipation of rising premiums this year.

The new deal goes into effect July 5 and will take an additional $501,000 from the general budget, said Assistant City Manager Laura Magelnicki, who also receives a raise under the package.

Approval of the deal followed a discussion Monday between the council and City Manager Mike Sedell about the individual performances of management employees the past year, Mayor Bill Davis said.

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