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It's Never Too Early to Think Blue

May 15, 1999

The Dodger Lament or, It's Not Like It's June:

In April they say, "It's not even May.

We haven't really started to play."

In May they say, "It not like it's June.

Any day now, you watch, the Giants will swoon."

In June they say, "It's not quite July.

Once Karros gets hot, those homers will fly."

In July they say, "It's not nearly August."

But the wins don't come easy. Is this team a bust?

In August they say, "It's hardly September.

A 30-day charge makes a year to remember."

In September they say, "We'll get 'em next year.

So let's pack up our gear and go have a beer."

Next April they'll say, "It's not even May . . . "

JIM MALLON, San Luis Obispo


Messrs. Park and Brown of the illustrious, overpaid Dodger pitching staff appear determined to set a National League record for gopher balls--with or without the bases loaded.

CARL GEBHART, Pacific Palisades


Why waste space in the sports section the day after Carlos Perez pitches? Simply print the results on the obituary page.


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