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Heaven Sent

Author to discuss spiritual journeys and grief encounters through angel art.


When Ventura resident Keith Richardson decided to write "Andy Lakey's Psychomanteum: Spiritual Journeys Guided by Art, Angels and Miracles," he launched into a life-changing venture.

Andy Lakey himself was also traveling an unfamiliar path when, as an untrained artist, he began to paint angels that can be both looked at and touched.

Richardson will discuss his book and three of Lakey's textured paintings at Barnes & Noble in Thousand Oaks on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Richardson is a born skeptic and trained scientist. His previous publishing efforts consisted mostly of contributions to scholarly journals.

In the late '70s, he conducted anthropological research in Nicaragua on the psychological relationship between religion and culture. Until his own spiritual encounter and the inexplicable dreams of his wife, Francesca, he remained a skeptic.

Now he owns Things From Heaven, an art gallery in downtown Ventura that features Lakey's paintings, many of angels and a makeshift shrine pinned with thousands of notes handwritten by visitors.

Lakey's own journey as an artist began after a near-death experience--the result of free-basing cocaine at a New Year's Eve party in New York in 1986. As a result, he embarked on an ethereal mission to produce 2,000 individual angel paintings by the year 2000--the final painting to be unveiled in San Francisco late this year.

Lakey's paintings now hang in galleries worldwide, including the Vatican. They are also in the homes of celebrities.

Richardson and Lakey became friends and business associates through a series of coincidences, though Richardson insists there are no coincidences. Once they made the connection, Lakey agreed to allow three of his paintings to hang in Richardson's gallery.


While he was thrilled to have the paintings, Richard never planned to open a grief center in his gallery. Now he writes that he is "the keeper of the psychomanteum."

Psychomanteums were established in ancient Greece to help people deal with grief after losing a loved one. They are pools of clear water into which the grief-stricken are compelled to stare with the hope of receiving messages from the loved one.

Jennifer Clark is among those who have reported similar experiences after an encounter with Lakey's paintings.

Clark visited Richardson's Ventura gallery in 1996, the year after her husband, Simi Valley Police Officer Michael Clark, was killed in the line of duty.

Upon viewing one of the paintings, she said, she had a mystical encounter with her slain husband, which in Richardson's book she describes as being comforting and reassuring. Others have reported sensations of warmth and tingling. Richardson is working on a sequel to his book to document some of these happenings.

Meanwhile, you can catch him at Barnes & Noble for the book signing, discussion and a look at the paintings. Asked if people can touch the paintings, Richardson said, "Of course."

Who could doubt it?



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Saturday: 7:30 p.m., Keith Richardson will sign his book, "Andy Lakey's Psychomanteum: Spiritual Journeys Guided by Art, Angels and Miracles." Barnes & Noble, Thousand Oaks, 446-2820.

Catch you next week.

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