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Tuxedo, Shoe Phone and BMW Sold Separately

May 16, 1999|ROY RIVENBURG

Fantasy spy camp might be lacking in blond bombshells and shaken-not-stirred martinis, but everything else an aspiring James Bond could want is available: a mock hostage rescue operation, high-speed car chases, self-defense lessons and plenty of pistol play (with paint pellets, not bullets).

The three-day Covert Ops course, held monthly in the desert near Tucson, is taught by former Green Berets, SWAT team trainers and a Hollywood stunt driver under the aegis of Incredible Adventures, a company that also markets MiG-29 flights in Moscow and zero-gravity space training.

For $2,995, which includes lodging and meals, wannabe spies learn how to disarm an assailant, spot a tail, identify booby traps, communicate secretly in enemy-controlled environments and shoot their way into and out of terrorist strongholds.

They also practice evasive driving maneuvers in specially modified "bumper cars for adults."

Says Jane Reifert, company president: "We charge a lot of money because we go through so many cars and tires."


The next Covert Ops programs are scheduled for June 3-6 and Sept. 23-26. Incredible Adventures can be reached at (800) 644-7382.

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