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Flunking Egyptology

May 16, 1999

"Egyptology 101" (May 2) brought back fond memories of my own trip to Egypt in 1981. What I couldn't understand is why guide Carol Andrews--after all, an expert on Egypt--showed so little respect for local customs (as shown in the cover photo) by wearing shorts and no sleeves and by ignoring her own safety by not wearing sport shoes for the kind of rock climbing she engaged in. Long-sleeved, light cotton shirts and long pants and head coverings also protect from the sun.


Laguna Beach

I enjoyed the article about touring Egypt with the British Museum. Unfortunately, my worst museum experience was at that venerable institution when we visited between Christmas and New Year's of 1996-97.

We started by standing in a long line. Finally we made it to the ancient British and Celtic exhibits. From there I needed a bathroom. Big mistake! I had great difficulty locating an open bathroom, and when I found one, I was greeted by a horrendous line.

Then I had to find my family, which was at the mummy collection. It took a half-an-hour to get through the first-floor galleries of the Egyptian collection to the staircase that leads up to the mummies. I had to fight through crowds coming down the staircase. Eventually I found my husband and daughter, who had been waiting over an hour.

Maybe the holidays added to the crowds, but when writing about the British Museum, warn visitors to wear riot gear.


Santa Monica

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