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Simon Wiesenthal

May 18, 1999

Re "Tribute to a Man Who Hunts the Past," by Rabbi Marvin Hier, Commentary, May 13:

Twenty years ago, when I worked for the fledgling Simon Wiesenthal Center, I had the privilege of being in the same room with Simon Wiesenthal and Frank Sinatra. Sinatra said he wished he could rest his head on the pillow of Wiesenthal's accomplishments. What an honor to have shared even a moment in the life of such a brave man dedicated to such a noble task--to make sure the world never forgets.

In Wiesenthal we have had a Don Quixote who never abandoned his quest, no matter the odds, and thereby redeemed us all from a very dark time.

Happy birthday, Mr. Wiesenthal, may you live to be 120!


Los Angeles


If the Jews had saints, Wiesenthal would qualify. His life serves as a reminder to the rest of us of how a true hero lives his life. May he live another 90 years.



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