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Pollution Project Cleans Up With Kids

May 18, 1999|NANCY FORREST

Students at Poinsettia School were the first to tour the Pollution Prevention House during classes Monday.

The house, 22 feet wide in front, 12 feet deep and 8 feet high, contains educational messages and artists' renderings. The goal is to teach students how their actions in the home and garden affect the environment.

"We learned what can be used to clean faucets and what should not go down the kitchen or bathroom faucet because it drains to the ocean," said fourth-grader Ruthie Craft.

Joshua Bozarth said the rainfall meter and information about oil spills were the best parts.

"I learned that every year, improper oil disposal in the United States is equivalent to 35 Exxon Valdez oil spills," said Joshua.

"The display provides information on how to protect our natural resources by changing everyday activities around the home," said Carol Klein, a Poinsettia Parent-Teacher Organization member who helped coordinate the display.

The Pollution Prevention House project began in July 1995 when Ventura County Public Works Agency staff viewed a similar display created for the city and county of San Francisco. A coordinated project subsequently developed between the Flood Control and the Solid Waste Management departments of the Public Works Agency.

The school is hosting the Pollution Prevention House through May 24.

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