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Adding New Meaning to Your Name

May 18, 1999

Question from May 11:

What anagram does your name spell out?

The Anagram Genius rearranged my name in ways from the alarming (A horrid, special moaner) to the poetic (Primordial as her ocean) to the archaic (Dear! Irish, amoral ponce)--all from Moira Caroline Shepard. My favorite: "Is dearer, cranial oomph." I think it means I have a sexy brain!



Cats shred a motel.


My name's anagram spells out a note I put in my lunch box for my mom when I was a kid: "Halt spam now!" Also, my name anagrammed into a contest wish I had when I was a kid: "Won a malt shop."

--WALT HOPMANS, Santa Barbara

I tried anagramming my name, but it always comes out sounding like something you order in a sushi bar. So I decided to change it to Carl Masket, which, of course, is an anagram for Smart Aleck!


Rancho Palos Verdes

Choice of anagrams of Wayne Eldon Scott . . . Snotty lewd ocean (where I tend to surf). Twenty canoodles (a lover's minimum daily promise to his significant other).

--WAYNE E. SCOTT, Camarillo

Eleanor = O Learner. I am 78 years old and yet have so much to learn.


Mission Viejo

Question for May 18:

Archie McPhee & Co. offers voodoo dolls in car, computer and human shapes (see story, this page). What other voodoo doll configurations would you suggest?

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