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Being Chased By Foe Reflects Anxiety


Dear Cynthia: Here's my recurring dream. I'm running away from someone who means me harm and I end up at this house. (I may dream of different people chasing me, but I always end up at the same house.) When I arrive, I'm safe. I've never seen this house before, but I'm completely familiar with it. Its most distinguishing feature is that it sits high above a rocky cliff overlooking the sea.



Dear Reader: The theme of being chased is very common in dreams, but it can have a variety of meanings. The pursuer could be a deadline at work, addictive behavior, an undealt-with emotion such as anxiety--or something else. We all feel like something is after us from time to time. The great news is that you have found a safe haven. The home with the view where you arrive represents the use of your intellect to gain a perspective on the situation. The rocky cliff is the trouble you now are above. Your subconscious is reminding you that if you gain a higher perspective on the situation, you will be safe.


Dear Cynthia: I have a recurring dream that I am losing my teeth. My teeth fall out until I am toothless. What does this mean?


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Dear Reader: I have received more than 30 letters about this dream theme in the last year alone! Without teeth, one would not be able to eat. So the theory is that when facing a meaty decision, a person who feels ill-equipped may have this dream. It could indicate that you do not have all the information you need to make the decision, or that you fear the consequences of your choice.

However, a dentist wrote to me saying that this dream also can be associated with a condition known as TMJ, in which the sleeping person is grinding his or her teeth and clenching his or her jaw. So you may want to check out that possibility with your dentist.

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