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Sanchez Accuses Padilla of Mudslinging, Slings Back


A day after Alex Padilla criticized 7th Council District rival Corinne Sanchez for hiring a campaign manager who also works for Pacific Pipeline, Sanchez accused Padilla of hypocrisy Tuesday, noting he accepted a campaign contribution from an attorney for the company.

Sanchez said Padilla was "slinging mud" over the hiring of campaign manager Helen Hernandez, even though Padilla accepted a $500 contribution from attorney George Mihlsten, who represented Pacific Pipeline in its efforts to get city permission to install a controversial oil pipeline through the northeast San Fernando Valley.

"I guess Padilla doesn't even trust himself to protect the northeast Valley residents and our environment," Sanchez said.

Padilla had said the hiring of Hernandez raises questions about Sanchez's commitment to 7th District residents, many of whom oppose the pipeline as a threat to public safety. Sanchez said she also opposes the pipeline and has turned down a campaign contribution from Pacific Pipeline.

Rick Taylor, a campaign consultant for Padilla, said the difference is that Mihlsten represents many different clients at City Hall and he was not hired as Padilla's campaign manager.

Sanchez, noting that Taylor has worked as a consultant for Hollywood Park, added: "Using [Padilla's] own logic, I guess we can't trust Padilla on gambling and casino issues, since he's hired a consultant who works for gambling interests."

Taylor said he did some consulting work regarding a warehouse that Hollywood Park wanted to build.

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