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Laugh Lines

May 20, 1999

Foreign Affair: Hillary Clinton toured a Macedonian camp for ethnic Albanians who fled Kosovo. "They greeted her with kisses, cheers and tears. It's amazing that, with all these people have been through, they can still feel sorry for Hillary Clinton." (Colin Quinn)

Foreign Affair II: Boris Yeltsin is being impeached. "I didn't even know he had interns." (Jay Leno)

Movie Madness: The new "Star Wars" movie is already a big marketing success. "Parents could spend $500 on action figures, toys and CDs before it even opened. That's why it's called the 'Phantom Menace.' " (Argus Hamilton)

Funny Business: Disneyland is trying to root out violent images from its theme parks. "So far it's banned video games with fighting or shooting and the transcripts from the Katzenberg-Eisner case." (Zack Taylor)


The Essential David Letterman

Other movies by the people who brought you "Atomic Train":

10. "Radioactive Zamboni"

7. "Atomic Danza"

4. "Drowsy Man Operating Heavy Machinery"

2. "Fabio's Roller Coaster"

1. "Baby Geniuses"

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