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White Here, White Now

Don't bother waiting until Memorial Day to slip these on.


Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend is when women retrieve their white shoes from the back of the closet for the summer season. But this year, white shoes have already hit the streets, challenging the time-honored fashion rule that white shoes shouldn't be worn before Memorial Day.

Who else but Italian designer Miuccia Prada could inspire this shoe whiteout. Nurses?

These comfortable Velcro sandals, toggle loafers, mules and flats, $60 to $270, were born from the same utility movement in fashion that inspired cargo pants. But white is anything but functional.

David Assil of Madison Beverly Hills shoe store recommends spraying white shoes with Scotchgard.

"It seals the base so it's not so water absorbent." And for less than $10, a repair shop can remove small scuffs and scratches.

White canvas shoes can be machine washed, Assil says.

"But don't put them in the dryer, because they will yellow and shrink," he says. "Use a mild detergent and no bleach."

Fashion tip: Avoid wearing all white. Limit white accessories to one or two. Try wearing white shoes with a white shirt and black capri pants, or with a khaki-colored cargo skirt and a tank top.

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