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Putting Twin-kle Into Those Tresses


Looking for a way to highlight your hair without harsh chemicals? Twin-kle Gems can put the sparkle of Austrian crystals into even the dullest tresses.

Created by twins Cynthia and Cathleen Kennedy and ranging from $12 to $30 for a set of six, the flower-shaped jewels snap on to hair and stay there.

The snap-and-close accessories are decorating heads throughout Southern California. But until Alanis Morissette used the gem product to brighten her heavy brown locks at the Grammy Awards, the twins' fame was confined to Jerry's Famous Deli in Old Town Pasadena, where they waited tables while pursuing acting careers.

While waiting to be discovered, the would-be starlets began crafting the hair gems at home from Cynthia's designs. In pastel hues from soft pink to baby blue, the jewels are painstakingly pieced together by hand into tiny floral bouquets.

Twin-kle Gems are available to prom queens and preteens at Fair Oaks Pharmacy in South Pasadena, Fred Segal on Melrose and at Jennifer Kaufman at the Beverly Center.

For more information on Twin-kle Gems and Kennedy Creations, call (800) 704-GEMS.

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