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How Does The Story End?

May 21, 1999

The story so far:

The story so far: Mr. and Mrs. North wanted to go for a walk around the block because it was a beautiful spring evening.

"Will you two be all right?" Mrs. North asked her children.

"We'll be fine," Jill said.

"Right," her younger brother Jerry agreed. "You'll be gone 15 minutes at most."

"All right," Mr. North said.

"Stay out of trouble," Mrs. North said. They left the house.

"Now," said Jill, the moment they were gone, and winked at Jerry.

Some of the endings you've come up with:

The two kids thought their mom and dad needed a favor, so they made chicken and cheesy potatoes.

They also cleaned the whole house.

Then before they got back, the kids turned off the lights.

When Mom and Dad turned on the lights, they were so happy.

--Anna, 8, Calvert Street Elementary, Van Nuys


They started to throw things around.

They broke things and ate sweets.

The mom and dad came back early. They stepped on the front porch. They opened the door.

The kids stopped. The mom and dad looked at them. They were shocked.

They never left the kids home alone again.

--Genari, 8, Nueva Vista Magnet School,

Los Angeles

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