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May 22, 1999

Red Devil has introduced two acrylic caulks--Polar Caulk and Solar Caulk--for use at extreme temperatures. The Solar Caulk formulation allows it to cure quickly in hot, humid climates. These conditions can prevent other caulks from adhering or curing properly, causing them to fall off the surface they are applied to. Other water-based acrylic caulks are impossible to apply or simply freeze in the tube once the temperature starts plummeting; Polar Caulk works to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Both are ready for painting with latex paint in two hours and oil-based paint in 72 hours, and both are compatible with a variety of construction materials, including wood, aluminum, masonry, marble, metal, plaster and drywall. The caulks come in white and are sold in 10.1-ounce tubes (about $3). Red Devil Inc., (800) 423-3845.


Nearly twice as fast as conventional cooking, the JetDirect oven ($5,220 to $5,730) from Thermador works by channeling jets of hot air directly to the food being cooked, rather than blowing the heated air randomly through the oven cavity. As a result, cooking times are reduced by as much as 75%: 2 1/2 minutes for two dozen cookies that would normally take 8 to 10 minutes, and 1 1/2 hours instead of 3 1/2 hours for a 12-pound, unstuffed turkey. Confused about cooking time? A program automatically converts your recipe to JetDirect times and temperatures.

The JetDirect is available in a 30-inch double-wall oven with a black, white or stainless-steel finish. The upper oven offers the new convection features; the bottom unit is a standard thermal convection over.

Thermador, (800) 656-9226;


Less really can be more, at least when it comes to the innovative cabFIT CLR medicine cabinet from Robern ($99).

Because the interior has two sections--a central space measuring 14 by 18 by 5 1/2 inches, surrounded by an 18-by-24-inch shallow compartment--it has more storage capacity than other units fitting standard 14-by-18-inch openings.

The deeper shelves can hold oversized items, such as a blow-dryer or toilet tissue; four toothbrush holders, two razor caddies and a pair of mini-baskets keep the little things organized.

Sporting simple clean lines, the cabinet works with any decor. Both sides of the door are mirrored, as is the back wall of the cabinet. Two adjustable glass shelves are also supplied. The cabFIT CLR can be installed in openings from 14 by 18 inches to 14 by 24 inches.

Robern, (215) 826-9800;

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