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SO SOCAL: The Best...The Beautiful...And the Bizarre

May 23, 1999|Bryan Mingle

Heather Locklear has tossed her mighty "Melrose Place" mane for the last time. With the series finale of Aaron Spelling's soap wrapped tight in a can (airing Monday night after endless Fox hype), Locklear can relax and enjoy the riches that, sadly, D&D advertising executive Amanda Woodward never could.

Nesting in her thousand oaks-area home with musician husband Richie Sambora and their toddler, Ava Elizabeth, the L'Oreal spokesmodel beamed about the Conejo Valley moon and her future, which she bets will involve comedy. Almost seven years of camping it up as TV's longest-running and highest-paid "special guest star" weren't for nothing.


Q: Any clues to how "Melrose" will end? Happily ever after or with Amanda and the others wandering off, homeless?

A: Ahhh, it's better to say nothing because if I start to say something, I'm gonna blow it. But with a knapsack, wandering, that would be a good ending!

Q: You've been TV's quintessential rhymes-with-witch goddess. Which is it?

A: I'd much rather be a goddess! Everyone should be on their knees around me.

Q: Well, your hair is worshiped by many. Exactly what shade of L'Oreal is that?

A: Oh! I don't even know! It's C7 or C9 or somewhere in between. I'd have to guess.

Q: Are you going to miss being Amanda?

A: You mean sleeping with everybody in the building? And their friends, and their friends, and so on and so on . . .

Q: That's right, you--she--slept with everybody on the show.

A: I didn't sleep with Matt.

Q: Why didn't you? Sleep with the gay guy!

A: You know why? I'd already done that on "Dynasty." Didn't want to repeat history.

Q: I forgot. Sammy Jo.

A: Sammy Jo. Breaking ground [with Steven Carrington].

Q: You wore micros long before Ally McBeal.

A: I used to watch "Knots Landing" with Nicollette Sheridan. If you recall, she wore very short skirts--suits! And, please, I'm a little skinny, but she had the most amazing body. That's when I said, "Make 'em shorter, make 'em shorter."

Q: You have to be TV's only special guest star for seven years.

A: Ha. Probably. I told Rob Estes [Kyle on "MP"], who's doing a pilot now, that if he ever needed a special guest star, remember me. It worked for me. I wore out my welcome.

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