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Words of Praise for Special Pet Section

May 23, 1999

I loved your pet section (May 3). Like many other families, we have no kids but only pets as our children, friends and partners. I would really like to see a corner dedicated to pets in our newspapers. Could we have a regular pet section, say weekly or biweekly? I am sure many of your readers would love it!


Via Internet


The special pet section offered very valuable information about the importance of properly caring for and feeding our animals. I'd like to call attention to an equally important aspect of being a responsible pet owner--which is to clean up after our pets when they are in our backyards and when we take them for a walk.

A recent study conducted for the county of Los Angeles found that more than 125,000 owners walk their dogs each month and repeatedly leave the waste on the ground. This waste washes from the ground into the streets and gutters and down the storm drains. It then flows directly to the ocean, untreated, and in the process spreads disease throughout our neighborhoods and beaches. Our study indicated that many pet owners are unaware of this chain reaction. It's extremely important to pick up after our pets--every single time.


County of Los Angeles

Department of Public Works


The Humane Society of the United States knows that the loss of a beloved companion animal can be very difficult for many pet owners ("Grief is OK When You Lose a Pet," May 3). Our animal friends provide us with companionship, acceptance, emotional support and unconditional love for as long as 20 years. It's natural to mourn the loss of such a friend. Grieving is a normal part of the healing process.

While grief is a personal experience, a pet owner need not face this loss alone. Local humane societies may have pertinent materials, run a pet loss support group, or know of bereavement counselors who specialize in this field. Readers also are invited to contact the Humane Society for more information on coping with the death of your pet, final care of your pet's body, and honoring the memory of your pet.


Humane Society

of the United States

2100 L St. NW,

Washington, DC 20037

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