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Banks' Column Strikes a Chord

May 23, 1999

I have read the L.A. Times almost all of my life, whether as a student in the L.A. area or as a military wife in all corners of the country. For the last 15 years, I have been in San Diego, still subscribing to your paper.

Sandy Banks is a superb writer and a wonderfully perceptive person. My relatives in L.A. and I often find ourselves spending part of our phone conversations discussing her latest column and how we reacted to it. Obviously I have always expected a high standard from the Los Angeles Times, but even I am surprised by this young woman's talent. Great job of scouting to find her! Congratulations.


San Diego


I always look forward to Sandy Banks' down-to-earth column. It brings so many situations into the realm where "ordinary" people dwell. Although I was not a single parent, I can empathize with her and I admire her thoughtfulness, concern and ability to keep her children and herself together.


Los Angeles

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