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GAME 4 REPORT | Laker Notes

Rambis Earns Mixed Reaction

May 24, 1999|TIM KAWAKAMI

Kurt Rambis came to the final postgame media conference of the season Sunday after the Lakers' Game 4 defeat to San Antonio with a tight smile, and a sarcastic wisecrack: "This is going to be fun."

What's left to determine--was that the last postgame media conference, fun or otherwise, of his Laker coaching career?

"If given the opportunity, yes, I would love to have that opportunity," Rambis said, who added that he has had no indication from Laker management one way or the other since he replaced Del Harris in February.

"We have a player meeting tomorrow. . . . And I'm sure we'll get together [with Laker management] at some point in time after that, whether it's tomorrow or later on in the week."

Shaquille O'Neal, who helped Rambis land the job, implicitly suggested that the Lakers needed more direction from the coaches.

"I think that's up to the coaching staff. To make sure everybody on this team knows their role," O'Neal said.

And O'Neal was noncommittal when asked about the decision to bring Rambis back next season.

Kobe Bryant, asked the same question, said Rambis probably had earned the right to go through a whole season at the helm.


Robert Horry said that O'Neal might be thinking of exercising his right to become a free agent because of the frustrations and controversies of this season.

"I think to be all honest . . . like what was said in the paper by Jerry West [that O'Neal] was jealous of Kobe . . . Sometimes guys can see that [and say], 'Well, they don't want me here,' " Horry said.

"I hope he comes back. I hope he can just put that aside. If he comes better, we're that much better."


Laker forward Travis Knight, who committed 108 fouls in 525 minutes during the regular season, set an interesting record Sunday.

He fouled out in fewer minutes than any player has in a playoff game, registering six fouls in six minutes of action.

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