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Lawsuit Targets Gang Members, Seeks Curfew

May 25, 1999

LOS ANGELES — As part of the latest effort to quell gang violence, Los Angeles City Atty. Jim Hahn announced Monday that he and Dist. Atty. Gil Garcetti have filed a lawsuit against the Venice Shoreline Crips gang and 38 of its members in the Oakwood district of Venice.

The abatement lawsuit, which was filed last week, seeks to limit the activities and public association of the gang members within the area bordered by Pacific and Rose avenues and Venice and Lincoln boulevards.

The proposed limitations include a 10 p.m. curfew for juveniles and adults and bans on weapons possession and being in a car with another targeted gang member, said Marty Vranicar, assistant city attorney.

This lawsuit comes one a month after a similar suit was filed against Venice Shoreline Crips' rival gang, the Culver City Boys, to crack down on the Mar Vista gang problem.

The positive effects of that suit are evident in that area, Vranicar said.

Hearings on the request for injunctions against the Culver City Boys and the Venice Shoreline Crips will be held June 3 and June 24, respectively.

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