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View Tech Founder Joins Total Impact Board of Directors


A year after he stepped down as chief executive of View Tech of Camarillo, Robert Hatfield is back in Ventura County's high-tech industry, as the newest board member of Camarillo-based Total Impact.

Hatfield founded View Tech, a manufacturer of voice, data and video communications products. He says he will use his background to assist Total Impact with the manufacture and marketing of multiprocessor systems for high-power computer processing.

"I think that the company has a leading edge, kind of a revolutionary product," Hatfield said of Total Impact. "I'll work on how to properly position, market and sell it, and what level of financing is needed. Like a lot of high-tech products, it's the idea of figuring out a way to get the product exposed in the mainstream."

Total Impact's technology compresses information so that it can be transmitted over limited bandwidths. It is used for video conferencing, desktop video and medical imaging.

"Because of the speed and power of the processor, [Total Impact] can revolutionize a lot of things that go on in technology," Hatfield said. "They could have an enormous impact on the use of the Internet, videos as an Internet product and corporate America as a whole."

Hatfield and Glenn Churchman, chief executive of Total Impact, have been friends for about a decade. Churchman said his colleague was an easy choice for the board of directors.

"He has a lot of background in matters relating to video distribution, video conferencing, the communications end where video plays a part," Churchman said. "I think he brings a stabilizing factor based on having significant involvement in the creation of business relationships, both on an individual and corporate level."

Churchman pointed to Hatfield's credentials with View Tech as well as his previous experience as vice president of Delphi Information Systems of Westlake Village.

"He's been directly involved in taking two companies public," Churchman said. "He has a very significant sense of market perspective to the extent that he can make some legitimate calls that drive you in the right direction in moving your product."

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