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A Point Made With Voodoo

May 25, 1999

Question from May 18:

What voodoo doll configurations would you suggest?

I think they should make voodoo teacher dolls because they make us mad and there is nothing we can do about it.

--BRIAN ROMAN, Gompers Middle School, Los Angeles

How about one for the falling souffle and bad hair days and the VCR that didn't record, even though you did everything right!

--RUTH MITTLEMAN, Santa Monica

How about a voodoo doll shaped as a cable box? Then you can stick it to the cable company and make them wait from 9 to 5 to take the pins ou--that is, if you show up.

--SHARON KARP, Los Angeles

How about a voodoo phone? I work in collections, so when customers don't want to pay their bills or get really nasty, simply sting their ears through the phone.

--SUNY D. LIGHT, Baldwin Park

A voodoo doll in the shape of a person with a cell phone at his ear.

--JANE RINALDI, Glendora

What about a voodoo doll of a doll? With Barbie as the obvious choice.


My pick is a voodoo-shaped Charlton Heston doll that with each pinprick, 12 gun-show tables experience a mass Salvador Dali-like meltdown.

--WAYNE E. SCOTT, Camarillo

My voodoo doll: a Makah Indian that comes with harpoons instead of pins.

--JULIE TOWERY (a whale lover),

San Luis Obispo

Question for May 25:

Bill Brown and Dan Booker of Grandparents Inc. recently developed a child-tracking device, much like those used for stolen cars (see story, this page). What other lost items do you wish you could locate via satellite tracking?

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