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Rock Tossing Could Symbolize Gossip


Dear Cynthia: Recently, I had a dream in which I was strolling with a friend. Someone I did not recognize was behind us. This person started throwing rocks in our direction. The rocks increased in size as the person continued throwing them. I could not run away.

LUCIA FONG, Santa Barbara

Dear Reader: Rocks can have many meanings. "Rock" is slang for a large diamond, something precious and valuable. "Solid as a rock" means something you can count on. But "a rocky path" means troubles or obstacles.

In your dream, someone you don't know throws rocks from behind you--attacking behind your back. Rocks are a primitive weapon. Is someone spreading gossip about you? The rocks get larger. This could indicate concern that if you don't confront the person, you won't be able to get away from the insults and they may get worse. If this sounds familiar, do your best to clear up any misunderstandings with friends or associates, before they get out of hand.


Dear Cynthia: Do you have a method for someone who goes to bed at night, and wakes up in the morning, period? Never a dream. Once a year or so, I remember a minor sort of dream, but I feel blocked, and I think dreaming might uncover some things going on with me.

TOBY, Via Internet

Dear Reader: I agree that learning to remember your dreams can help you (and anyone) learn more about what is going on under the surface. Once consciously aware of these things, we can choose to do something about them. The following can help:

* Have pen and paper at bedside.

* Tell yourself as you drift to sleep that you will remember your dreams in the morning, that they will come clearly into your mind.

* Write down anything you remember as soon as you wake up. That way, you will train your mind to deliver your dreams in the morning, like e-mail from the mind computer!

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