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Stacking Up Sales

May 27, 1999

Total album and single sales of CDs and cassettes for the week ended May 23, compared with week-ago and year-ago levels, in millions of units:

Latest Week

Albums: 12.9

Singles: 1.6


Week Ago

Albums: 12.0

Singles: 1.5


Year Ago

Albums: 11.6

Singles: 2.5

Atop the Charts

Weekly and year-to-date record company market share as of May 23, based on current albums sold. This is an indicator of music company performance. Figures do not include catalog sales.

Market Share

Distributor: BMG

Latest week: 25.5%

Year to date: 17.1%

Top-selling album: Millennium

Artist: Backstreet Boys


Distributor: Universal

Latest week: 22.0%

Year to date: 26.4%

Top-selling album: Come On Over

Artist: Shania Twain


Distributor: Sony

Latest week: 17.8%

Year to date: 16.0%

Top-selling album: Ricky Martin

Artist: Ricky Martin


Distributor: WEA

Latest week: 12.4%

Year to date: 14.9%

Top-selling album: A Place in the Sun

Artist: Tim McGraw


Distributor: EMD

Latest week: 8.1%

Year to date: 9.6%

Top-selling album: Topp Dogg

Artist: Snoop Dogg

Source: SoundScan

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