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A Stroll Through Great Moments in Fashion

May 28, 1999|BALTIMORE SUN

Stroll back in time and you'll find moments that changed style as it is known today. In a report in its current issue, W magazine offers highlights.

1990 to 1999

* Fashion extremes go from grunge to deconstruction to slipdresses and casual Fridays.

* Giorgio Armani recognizes that dresses worn to the Oscars can be a publicity bonanza. He is the first to "publicly dress" the stars, leading to the return of glamour in Hollywood.

* Inner-city street fashion, or the hip-hop look, influences designers from Helmut Lang to Tommy Hilfiger.

1980 to 1989

* Claude Montana and Thierry Mugler popularize strong, sometimes linebacker shoulders; Christian LaCroix creates the pouf.

* MTV becomes a major fashion influence.

* Donna Karan launches her own collection, giving women an alternative to the power suit.

1970 to 1979

* Disco has a profound influence as Norma Kamali and Betsey Johnson push shiny, revealing clothes for daytime.

* Designer jeans are born.

* Halston is the most visible American designer, with his liquid jerseys and unconstructed separates.

1960 to 1969

* Yves Saint Laurent, still in his mid-20s, leaves Christian Dior and quickly becomes a design star with his peacoats and pantsuits.

* In London, designer Mary Quant shocks the world with the miniskirt.

* The antiwar movement in the United States spawns the new hippie culture and the unisex look arises.


* Dior's fit-and-flare rules the decade.

* New York designers become increasingly influential, thanks to James Galanos, Norman Norell and Claire McCardell.

* Teenage girls favor circular poodle skirts with big crinolines, twin sweater sets and saddle shoes.

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