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May 31, 1999|LARRY STEWART

What: "Michael Jordan: His Airness," $19.95

In need of a Michael Jordan fix? This videotape fits the bill. There are all kinds of Jordan videos out there--"Above & Beyond," "Air Time," "Come Fly With Me" and "Playground," to name a few. But this one is the latest. Well, sort of. Distributed by PolyGram, it isn't available in video stores until June 8, but one clue that it's not exactly hot off the production line is that the Lakers' Glen Rice, among those interviewed about Jordan, is identified as a Charlotte Hornet.

And don't expect any investigative reporting here. The tape is produced by NBA Entertainment, and the emphasis is on entertainment. There is a lot of footage of Jordan's spectacular moves on the court, but no mention of his penchant for gambling off the court.

The one-hour video does a nice job of summing up Jordan's career, and a fair job of summing up his life. His early days in Wilmington, N.C., are only touched on, but the tape does include interviews with his sister Rosalyn and brother Larry.

The tape is expertly narrated by Will Lyman, the narrator on Bud Greenspan's recent Olympic films.

The tape includes many Jordan tributes. This from Bill Russell: "He was determined to be Michael Jordan every night--he never took a night off." From writer David Halberstam: "If you had friends from Europe visiting, you took them to see the Grand Canyon and you took them to Chicago to see Michael Jordan play."

This tape will bring back some fond memories.

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