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Chez Bulldog

The world's hottest chef is Spanish.


He went back to Spain and began experimenting, changing his menu every season and inventing new dishes as he went along. Word of Adria's remarkable cuisine spread quickly. Soon the top chefs of France (and the United States) were going to try his food. He wrote a cookbook--"El Bulli: El Sabor del Mediterraneo"--and in 1996, he won his third star from Michelin.

El Bulli is open only 6 1/2 months a year, the spring and summer months. It is closed for the winter and will reopen in mid-March. Adria will spend part of his "time off" consulting with a restaurant in Madrid and another in Seville.

But he'll spend most of the next several months creating dishes for next year's menus at El Bulli, and though those menus are by no means inexpensive--lunch or dinner is about $85 per person for the tasting menu, not including wine--that's substantially less than one pays at the best restaurants in France, and at the moment, El Bulli may well be a more exciting dining experience than anything in France (or anywhere else for that matter).

El Bulli

Ap. 30, Cala Montjoi

17480 Roses (Costa Brava)

Girona - Spain

Phone 011 (34-972) 15 04 57

Fax 011 (34-972) 15 07 17

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