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Council May Delay Action on 2 Issues

November 05, 1999|PATRICK MCGREEVY

Los Angeles City Council travels may delay action on two controversial issues--expansion of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill and a new ordinance restricting street banners.

The landfill issue is on Tuesday's agenda for a final vote, but City Councilwomen Ruth Galanter and Rita Walters, who were part of the majority in a 9-5 initial vote supporting the expansion, are out of the country and will not be present Tuesday.

Galanter is traveling on city airport business to Hong Kong and Australia. Walters' office refused to say where she is except to say she was out of the country.

If there are not the eight votes required for a majority, the final vote will be delayed until a future meeting, said Gayle Johnson, a spokeswoman for Council President John Ferraro.

The street banner issue, which is on today's council agenda, will probably be postponed because key council members involved in the issue, including Walters, Galanter and Laura Chick, will be absent, Johnson said.

Chick, who is attending a Valley Industry and Commerce Assn. conference in Woodland Hills today, said she has not yet had time to review the proposed ordinance to determine if it protects charities, as she wants.

Bill Powers of the United Chambers of Commerce of the San Fernando Valley, said his group will not oppose the measure. "It's not ideal, but it's workable," said Powers, who objected to an initial proposal that would have established stricter limits and higher fees for street banners.

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