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Morning Radio: Funny or Offensive?

November 14, 1999

Disney's apparent rolling over on the "Black Hoe" issue is downright goofy ["Disney Reverses Approach to 'Black Hoe' Controversy," Oct. 19].

Sure, KLOS' Mark and Brian are offensive, but they're so damned funny about it. There are no sacred cows. They are non-discriminating, equal-opportunity offenders.

The most racist and sexually degrading treatment of black women occurs at the hands of black men, particularly the creators and broadcasters of some types of rap music. Why isn't the Congress of Racial Equality equally protesting them?



* I used to love KLOS. I still listen, but not in the a.m. Mark and Brian's show is so filthy and full of prejudice, it's a complete turnoff. ABC would be doing the right thing for everyone by firing them and putting someone or something on that is interesting in the morning. Comedy is one thing, Mark and Brian are the complete opposite. Wake up, ABC--do a service to the L.A. area and get rid of them!



* Sandra Moore, vice president of CORE, is quoted as saying that the "African American community" wants Mark and Brian off the air.

Well, Ms. Moore, you certainly aren't speaking for me. I am African American and have listened to Mark and Brian each weekday morning for more than 10 years. They entertain and, perhaps, sometimes cross the line of taste and decorum, but at no time have I ever been offended by anything that they've done or said on the air. Nor do I believe that they are racist, sexist or any "-ist" you can name.

And, hey, guess what? If I don't want to listen to them, all I have to do is change the station, as can Ms. Moore, the other members of her organization or anyone else. It's called freedom of choice.

I'm sure that I speak for many of Mark and Brian's loyal fans and listeners when I say that we would be quite angry should the powers that be at Disney bow to the pressure from this well-meaning but, in this case, misguided organization.


Valley Village

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