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The Real Facts on Gun Control

November 14, 1999

* I realize that you people are gun control nuts. That doesn't bother me. The world is full of stupid people. What bothers me is you print these ridiculous letters with information in them that is passed off as facts and then never print a response to them.

On Nov. 7, Mary Leigh Blek essentially says that you have a higher chance of dying from a gunshot if there is a gun in the house. Does the woman have any idea what she is saying? It's pretty hard to kill yourself, or anyone else, with a gun if you don't have one. I suppose you could go next door and borrow your neighbor's.

The fact is gun deaths and crime go down when states pass right-to-carry laws which are, if anything, the opposite of gun control.

I suggest that Blek do a little research on Australia where they have taken guns away from the people and crime and gun deaths have gone out of sight. Then The Times can let Blek write a letter that explains that situation to me.

Then there is letter writer James R. Gallagher. First he quotes a poll by The Times. That's like arguing with the pope about the existence of a god. Strange that 31 states, a majority by any math I know, have voted for the right-to-carry laws. I guess Orange County must be very different than the rest of the country.

For the sake of argument let's assume Gallagher is right and we pass laws that make it illegal to own a gun. What is really going to happen?

In spite of Blek's wailing, most of the shootings are done by criminals committing a crime. So what we are going to see is a long line of criminals waiting to turn in their guns. Sure we are.

All right, we make it illegal to buy a gun in California. How far is the Arizona border? That is assuming that you have to go further than the nearest street corner to buy a gun.



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