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Feng Shui

Useful Formula May Point You in Right Direction


A: I don't know what your last apartment was like, of course. And I don't know which way your new building faces. But sitting across the street from a beautiful park encourages good feng shui for any building. The flowers, grass, trees, birds, etc., that are found in any lovely park suggest that the entire neighborhood has a steady supply of healthy chi flow.

Also, your new apartment sounds as if it has two other critical feng shui elements going for it: spaciousness and good light. But let's face it, lots of room, plenty of windows and good light add up to an apartment pretty much anyone would want to live in--whether they were interested in feng shui or not.

I think your first piece of good luck was in finding this large, sunny apartment. It's just possible that you live in a great apartment in a wonderful neighborhood and that all your "good luck" stems from the fact that you're happier and more serene in this new environment.

I'd be surprised if your current happiness has anything to do with luck that "rubbed off" from the apartment's previous residents.

Kirsten Lagatree is a Washington, D.C., writer whose books include "Feng Shui, Arranging Your Home to Change Your Life" (Villard 1996) and "Feng Shui at Work, Arranging Your Work Space for Peak Performance and Maximum Profit" (Villard 1998). Mail your questions on feng shui to Kirsten Lagatree, Real Estate section, Los Angeles Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, CA 90053, fax them to (213) 237-4712, or e-mail them to or All questions will be considered for use but cannot be answered individually.

Feng Shui for Agents

Feng shui consultant Shari Clemens will offer the workshop "Feng Shui for Realtors" Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 401 N. Newport Blvd., Newport Beach, and again Oct. 19 from 1 to 4 p.m. at 25552 La Paz Road, Laguna Hills. The cost of the workshop is $45. For more information, call (949) 675-3811.

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