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An Earful From Mike Tyson

An Exclusive Q&A With The Times Shows Why Formet Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson Is No Stranger to Controversey


* Aug. 31, 1998: Tyson is involved in a minor traffic accident and is accused of punching one man in the chest and kicking another in the groin. Richard Hardick, 50, says Tyson kicked him after his car rear-ended a Mercedes-Benz driven by Tyson's wife, Monica. Hardick says his car was forced into Tyson's car after it was rear-ended by a third vehicle. Abmielec Saucedo claims Tyson struck him in the face.

* Sept. 2, 1998: Hardick files an assault charge against the former heavyweight boxing champion.

* Sept. 3, 1998: Saucedo files criminal assault charges.

* Sept. 18, 1998: Tyson admits to having serious financial troubles and will fight with or without the Nevada State Athletic Commission's blessing.

* Oct. 19, 1998: Nevada State Athletic Commission gives back to Tyson the license it had revoked after the Holyfield incident.

* Jan. 16, 1999: Tyson knocks out Francois Botha in fifth round in Las Vegas.

* Feb. 5, 1999: Tyson begins serving jail sentence in Maryland for assaulting two men after a minor traffic accident.

* May 24, 1999: Tyson is released from jail.

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