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Adjusting to Campus and Life Without Mom

September 16, 1999

A recent survey of college and university freshmen, conducted by, shows that setting up house away from home can be traumatic for first-year students. How so? Take the following quiz and find out.

1. The percentage of college freshmen who admitted to crying at least once during their first week at school.

2. Likelihood of male freshmen calling their mothers during their first week of school, compared with female freshmen.

3. Likelihood of female freshmen contemplating a gun purchase if they thought campus violence was an issue, compared with male freshmen.

4. Percentage of college freshmen who would be more concerned about a best friend doing cocaine than a U.S. presidential candidate doing cocaine.

5. Biggest fear among first-year college students.

Answers: (1) 31%. (2) 3 to 1. (3) 3 to 1. (4) 78%. (5) freshman English.

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