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Burst Water Pipe Buckles Fullerton Street

Major damage closes three blocks of Raymond Avenue for repairs. Water was cut off to some residents.

April 15, 2000|HECTOR BECERRA

A three-block stretch of Raymond Avenue in Fullerton was shut down most of Friday as crews worked on a water-pipe rupture that caused extensive damage to the pavement, according to police.

Crews using heavy equipment worked from early morning to late afternoon on the pipeline, which had burst the night before, said Fullerton Police Lt. Mike Maynard.

The lieutenant said the force of the water through the cracked eight-inch pipe lifted and broke pavement.

"The asphalt was pushed up by the force of the water, so the streets were unsafe to travel on," Maynard said.

"Water apparently eroded the street."

The street was closed between Commonwealth Avenue and Valencia Drive until about 5 p.m, Maynard said.

"This was a major undertaking," Maynard said.

Because the water was turned off in the morning, some residents went without service.

Fullerton City Hall was closed Friday, so the number of residents affected by the service interruption was unavailable.

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