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Wayne Brady

April 27, 2000|STEVEN LINAN

The actor appears on ABC's improv show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?," airing Thursdays at 8 and 8:30 p.m.

Painting the Town: On some weekends, we'll go play paintball. I love the thrill and the rush of running from the enemy and capturing the flag. It's a lot of fun. Basically, it's grown-up guys being kids and playing war. And my wife [Mandie] is an avid player as well. She beats me most of the time too. Sometimes if we're not on the same team, she'll come gunning for me first. We're very competitive people.

Let the Games Begin: The competition spills over into a love of video games. If my wife isn't with me, I'll spend a good bunch of my time playing games in the house, or I'll drive out to an adult arcade in Orange County. And I'll play basketball in my backyard with a couple of friends.

Comedy Tonight: Every Friday when I'm in town, I'm with a group called the Houseful of Honkeys at the Acme Comedy Theatre. I do my improv thing, and then afterward we'll go next door to Farfalla and have a drink. And then my wife and I will go home and rent Blockbuster.

Drive, He Said: On Saturday, my wife and I will go up to Universal CityWalk and catch a movie and then go for a drive. We'll hop in the car and go to Hollywood or Beverly Hills or drive out by the beach.

What He Craves: On Sunday we'll have brunch at Cravings on Sunset. I'm in the middle of training to bring my body weight down, but I absolutely love the scones there.

In the Swing: We've gone swing dancing at the Derby and that was fun. I enjoyed the pure athleticism of it.

Observing Others: Everything helps me. I'm not just an improviser. I'm an actor first and foremost. You always need to study people. The great thing is L.A. is such a melting pot, so sometimes we'll just go up to CityWalk and sit down for hours and watch people go by.

Isn't It Romantic?: My wife and I love the Armani Exchange. We'll go in and make up excuses to buy stuff for each other.

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