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Bush's campaign trail

August 01, 2000

Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush is campaigning in battle ground states before arriving at the convention. Here are the states, how they voted in the last three presidential elections and recent poll standings.

Note: The margin of error for each poll is plus or minus 4 percentage points except for the poll in Kentucky, which has an error margin of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Sources: "America Votes"; Mason-Dixon poll; Preston-Osborne poll; Ohio Poll; AP/Daily Mail/WSAZ poll; Keystone Poll; FEC

Barbie for President

Forget platforms, and especially platform shoes, for a moment. Convention Barbie is in town and she's wearing a red dress, big hair and, of course, high heels. Mattel is distributing the special-edition dolls to 5,000 delegates and dignitaries in Philadelphia, and plans to distribute a blue-suited version to Democratic delegates at their convention in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Mattel is selling Candidate Barbie this year, a perky presidential hopeful with great fashion sense--and no doubt some interesting ideas on Middle East policy.


Compiled by MALOY MOORE / Los Angeles Times

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