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Paint by numbers

August 02, 2000

The signs that delegates are waving in the convention hall are the work of several hundred young Republicans staying this week at a University of Pennsylvania dorm. They'll use ...

30,000: sheets of white poster board

1,100: foam brushes

280: bottles of red, blue and black tempera paint

24: suggested slogans, including six in Spanish

Police Uniforms

Maybe it's their summer-weight shirts. Or maybe, it's the white hats worn by some police officers. Whatever it is, Philadelphia's men and women in powder blue look, well, approachable. "Non-intimidating" as Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan put it.

The Republican mayor, who will host the Democratic convention in two weeks, was one of many convention attendees--and even protesters--to contrast Philadelphia officers with the imposing, dark-uniformed LAPD.


Compiled by MASSIE RITSCH / Los Angeles Times

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