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Building to House 2 More Youth Groups

August 03, 2000|EDGAR SANDOVAL

The LAPD's Jeopardy Foundation learned Wednesday that two other youth-oriented organizations will share its northeast Valley facility, officials said.

Before the end of the year, the one-story building at 11844 Glenoaks Blvd. will house Valley Youth Initiative, which operates a job skills training program for youth, and Los Angeles County Juvenile Traffic Court.

"Today we are bringing together complementary youth-oriented programs right here in the San Fernando Valley," said Los Angeles City Councilman Alex Padilla, whose district includes the northeast Valley.

The council approved a proposal Wednesday for the two nonprofit organizations to rent city-owned office space at a minimal charge, said David Gershwin, Padilla's press secretary.

Having all three youth-based groups in one building will strengthen liaisons among the organizations, officials said. Jeopardy Foundation, which administers anti-gang programs for the Los Angeles Police Department's Foothill Division, could refer youth to the traffic court to settle a problem or to the job skills center, Gershwin said.

All three will share the building at different times of the day. The traffic court and the five-year, $9-million job-training program will operate during the day, and Jeopardy Foundation is open during the afternoons and evenings, he said.

"It'll be like the Staples Center. They are able to switch from hockey to basketball," he said. "It will be a one-stop deal."

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