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'Big Changes Are Coming . . . '

August 03, 2000

Republican vice presidential nominee Dick Cheney on Wednesday extolled the qualities of George W. Bush and lashed out at President Clinton. Following are excerpts from Cheney's remarks.

"We are going to win this election. We will prevail."

"I have been in the company of leaders. I know what it takes. And I see in our nominee the qualities of mind and spirit our nation needs, and our history demands."

"Big changes are coming to Washington. To serve with this man, in this cause, is a chance I would not miss."

"When I look at the administration now in Washington, I am dismayed by the opportunities squandered, saddened by what might have been, but never was. These have been years of prosperity in our land, but little purpose in the White House."

"George W. Bush will repair what has been damaged. He is a man without pretense and without cynicism, a man of principle, a man of honor. On the first hour of the first day he will restore decency and integrity to the Oval Office. He will show us that national leaders can be true to their word and that they can get things done by reaching across the partisan aisle and working with political opponents in good faith and common purpose."

"...Gov. Bush doesn't accept old lines of argument and division. He brings people together, reaching across party lines to do the people's business. He leads by conviction, not calculation. You will never see him pointing the finger of blame for failure; you will only see him sharing the credit for success. That is exactly the spirit that is missing from Washington today."

"And now, as the man from Hope goes home to New York, Mr. Gore will try to separate himself from his leader's shadow. But somehow we will never see one without thinking of the other."

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