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Say Cheese!

August 04, 2000

It's a perennial question in Philadelphia: Which restaurant makes the best cheese steak? Pat's or Geno's? Media from around the world writing about the famous Philly sandwich have wrestled with another question: One word or two? (And what about hyphens?) How some media render the name:


Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Daily News

"Cheese Steak"

Los Angeles Times

New York Times

Washington Post



A Star Is Born

Before the convention, everyone was saying George P., the candidate's handsome nephew, would be the star Bush of this convention. Then we met Pierce. Grandson of the president and the middle child of Neil Bush, 14-year-old Pierce stayed up late Wednesday for a midnight debut on CNN's "Larry King Live," shown at left. The husky ninth-grader let loose about his braces, his uncle's campaign and his own refusal to take Ritalin. That was enough to earn an invitation to Thursday's show.

The Big Leagues

If the Republican Party were a ballclub, it would have a pretty good record. Of the 36 men the GOP has nominated for president (before George W. Bush), 21 have been elected, giving the party a batting average of ...


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