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Late Night One-Liner

August 04, 2000

"The Republican convention so far has been dull. Very, very dull. It's so dull, in fact, tonight Al Gore is speaking." --David Letterman

Jeb and George P.'s List

Trying a little David Letterman-style humor, George W. Bush's brother Jeb and Jeb's son George P. Bush offered several reasons at a fund-raiser why they want their kin to win.

Jeb Bush: I left a carry-on bag on Air Force One in 1992. And I want it back.

George P. Bush: Will cut federal spending by using leftover 'From the desk of President Bush' notepads.

George P.: Because he speaks three languages: English, Spanish and Texan.

Jeb: Will continue the dynasty of George Ws that started with George Washington.

George P.: Great pickup line: You wanna take a stroll through my uncle's Rose Garden?

Jeb: And the No. 1 reason George W. Bush should be elected president: There definitely will be a controlling legal authority ... Barbara Bush.

Network Coverage

Hours and minutes devoted to the convention:


MON TUE WED THU Length 7:49 3:13 3:48 4:40 C-SPAN 7:49 3:13 3:48 4:40 PBS 1:54 1:57 1:42 2:12 Fox News 1:17 1:20 1:30 1:53 CNN 2:18 1:31 0:59 1:32 MSNBC 1:02 0:46 1:07 1:23 CBS 0:16 0:19 0:41 1:13 ABC 0:36 0:25 0:41 1:10 NBC 0:00 0:16 0:46 1:03


Prime-Time Viewing

How many watched convention coverage, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Network: Wednesday viewers

NBC: 5.04 million

CBS: 5.02 million

ABC: 4.05 million

PBS: 2.50 million

CNN: 930,000

Fox News: 731,000

MSNBC: 355,00

The Competition

Both "West Wing" and "Spin City," fictional political shows, outdrew convention coverage on NBC and ABC.

Show: Wednesday viewers

"Survivor" (CBC): 27.41 million

"Big Brother"(CBS): 17.44 million

"The West Wing" (NBC) 9.09 million

"Spin City (ABC) 7.47 million

"Star Trek: Voyager"(UPN) 3.01 million

"Dawson's Creek" (WB) 2.15 million

ABC, CBS and NBC coverage aired from 7-8 p.m. PDT. Other networks covered the convention throughout prime time.


Compiled by JOHN TYRRELL / Los Angeles Times

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