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It's Not Just a Gavel Anymore

August 04, 2000

That was no ordinary gavel at the Republican convention this year. It was part of a high-tech sound system. The "bang" of a gavel was recorded and enhanced by Jack Randorff, an acoustical engineer from Ransom Canyon, Texas. The synthesized sound was fed into the First Union Center's sound system. When the gavel struck the lectern, an electronic pulse set off a big bang, allowing Republicans to start and end their sessions with the sound of authority.

But Can You Dance to It?

Here's the first verse and chorus of the official Bush-for-president campaign song, "We the People," released Thursday:

The farmers rise every morning at 5

The truckers drive them 18-wheelers all night

The factory workers, they build it with pride

24-7 down the assembly line

In every city, in every town

Somebody's got to make the world go 'round ...


We the people move it

We the people know

We the people

We run the country

We the people prove it

We're the heart and soul

We the people

We are the country *

"You're in my territory, this is Florida's delegation. Unless you move to Florida ... please leave." --Florida delegation Chairman Al Cardenas to Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader after Nader, who had scored a floor pass Wednesday night, staked out a place near the Florida delegation. *

Source: "All Things Considered," July 31, 2000

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