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Fish Report

August 04, 2000


Los Angeles County

CASTAIC LAKE--Largemouth bass are being caught on mostly live baits, with crawdads getting the edge, but fishing is only fair. Other species are slow.

PYRAMID LAKE--Largemouth bass are biting on jigs fished at 25-30 feet and catfish are biting on mackerel, mostly in the marina area.

Ventura County

LAKE CASITAS--Bass fishing is slow, but crawdads and plastic worms are getting some. Catfish are biting well. A 20-pounder was caught on mackerel. Trout are deep, but fishing is good for those trolling Needlefish with lead-core line at 8-9 colors.

LAKE PIRU--Trout trollers are going 50 feet or more to catch one or two--if they're lucky. Needlefish and Rapalas are getting most. Bass fishing is improving and plastic worms and night crawlers are best. A 5-2 was caught on a crawdad-pattern worm.

Santa Barbara County

LAKE CACHUMA--Trout are holding at 40-plus feet, biting sporadically for trollers at the dam. A few are being caught on spinners at the surface, mostly early.

Orange County

ANAHEIM LAKE--A 21-pound catfish caught on shad is tops, but a 19-pounder was also caught on shad. Fishing is fair to good.

IRVINE LAKE--A 36-pound catfish was caught on mackerel, and the catfish bite is generally good very early or after sunset. Bass and crappie action is fair.

LAGUNA NIGUEL LAKE--Catfish get active after the sun sets, although a few have been caught during the heat of day. A 13-pounder was caught on a sardine. Bass action is fair on the surface early, with spinner baits producing good results. Some crappie and bluegill.

OSO RESERVOIR--Top bass was a 10-3 caught on a red worm at the north shore. It was one of 67 bass caught and released at this reservations-only fishery. Bass remain the top draw, although catfish action is fair.

Riverside County

CORONA LAKE--Three catfish weighed 14 pounds or more and night fishing is good in the trees. Top catfish is a 21-pounder. Mackerel are getting most.

LAKE PERRIS--The evening catfish bite on mackerel is the best thing going, although a few small bass are being caught, also in the evening.

LAKE SKINNER--Striped bass are providing lots of action early, averaging 3-5 pounds and biting on surface plugs and anchovies. Catfish action is fair and largemouth bass and crappie are slow to fair.

San Bernardino County

BIG BEAR LAKE--A 5-2 trout caught on rainbow Power Bait at the dam tops the list. Actually, it's the only fish on the local fishing association's list. Hot weather has hurt the trout bite, but mostly smaller fish are by trollers working large areas, especially the dam, with Needlefish, night crawler-flasher combos and Rapalas.

GREEN VALLEY LAKE--The action is pretty good, and an occasional 5-pounder is hitting. Processed baits are best.

San Diego County

LAKE CUYAMACA--Crappie and bullhead catfish action is great on standard baits, but trout action has slowed. Inflated night crawlers are getting most.

DIXON LAKE--Catfish and bluegill are most willing, with mackerel and crickets the top baits. Nothing special to report.

SAN DIEGO CITY LAKES--Nothing special other than a 9-10 bass caught on a crawdad at Sutherland, good bass bites at El Capitan and San Vicente and a 30-pound catfish at El Capitan. The heat is on and fishing pressure is light.

Eastern Sierra

Crowley Lake has been the hot spot all week, and the fishing has been pretty good, despite temperatures in the high 80s. Fly fishermen have been scoring well on 18- to 20-inch rainbows using midge-pattern emergers and strike indicators. Pete Gray of the XTRA radio show "Let's Talk Hook-up!" said a pair next to him on Tuesday caught and released 65 trout. Special regulations are in effect now, with only barbless lures and flies allowed. The bag limit is reduced to two fish 18 inches or longer. Elsewhere, the lakes above Bishop and Mammoth Lakes are fair to good for mostly pan-sized rainbows, although South above Bishop is yielding some nice browns. Same holds for the June Lake Loop, while in Bridgeport the West and East Walker rivers are proving fun for fly fishermen using mostly nymphs. Virginia Lakes is a great place for planted rainbows.


MORRO BAY (Virg's Landing)--51 anglers (3 boats): 102 albacore, 210 red rock cod, 100 rock cod, 200 rockfish.

PORT SAN LUIS (Patriot Sportfishing)--66 anglers (2 boats): 211 rock cod, 176 red rock cod, 133 bolina, 10 ling cod.

SANTA BARBARA (Sea Landing)--54 anglers (2 boats): 57 calico bass, 8 sand bass, 32 mackerel, 48 rockfish, 1 sheephead.

OXNARD (Cisco's)--163 anglers (7 boats): 3 yellowtail, 4 white sea bass, 122 whitefish, 1 sole, 5 sheephead, 2 sculpin, 136 rockfish, 6 ling cod, 1 halibut, 270 calico bass, 398 barracuda. (Captain Hook's/Gold Coast)--46 anglers (2 boats): 15 calico bass, 133 sand bass, 33 barracuda, 1 halibut, 10 rockfish, 2 white sea bass.

PORT HUENEME--66 anglers (4 boats): 15 yellowtail, 42 calico bass, 250 barracuda, 11 rockfish, 83 sand bass, 10 whitefish.

MARINA DEL REY--139 anglers (3 boats): 102 barracuda, 730 sand bass, 1 sculpin, 1 halibut.

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