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Give Britney a Break

August 05, 2000

What teen pop star does Robert Hilburn compare Britney Spears to in the "staying power" department? David Cassidy? Ricky Nelson? Oh, I know! Leif! ("Britney in Concert: A Night Out With the Girls," July 31.) Frankly, I have never heard her sing a note, but if someone has the power and energy to make thousands of young enthusiasts happy and excited for a night, what difference does it make?

Either way, it appears the young Ms. Spears bears the label of pop phenomenon, one that Hilburn will undoubtedly never have the pleasure of claiming. Perhaps he's just forgotten what it's like to be young, happy and unconcerned about one's place in pop music history.

Loosen up, Bob. Britney seems cool.


Corona del Mar

Britney has more than 8-year-old fans. She has tons of teenage fans, and even college-student fans. And do your research: Britney has tons of male fans!

Just check out the Society for Future Husbands of Britney Spears Web site:


Germantown, Md.

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