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August 06, 2000

It's obvious Ted Wu knows nothing of Charles and Ray Eames (and little of art or design) when he complains that the article "Eames in Name and in Spirit" shouldn't have been placed under the heading "art" (Letters, July 30). His definition of art--subjective, whimsical and answering to no one but the artist--fits the work of the Eameses perfectly and is what lifts their work far above the work-for-hire of mere designers.

Long after the efforts of objective, serious and toadying designers are forgotten, Charles and Ray's subjective whimsy will be still be rightfully gracing art museums.


Costa Mesa


Louis J. Van den Berg asks, "How can such a bad comedian be so successful?" (Letters, July 16). The answer is simple. He couldn't be.

Over the years I've booked Jay Leno into small and large venues. And whether it be a small comedy club or cavernous arena, with shows averaging between 90 minutes and two hours, Jay never failed to have his audience convulsing with laughter throughout.

Consistent solid ratings and sold-out live venues prove that audiences are getting what they want and expect from Leno . . . laughs. He knows exactly what he's doing and the man is funny, as well as being a genuine nice guy.



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