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Name That Company

August 08, 2000

I was born in 1992 and bought by U.S. Robotics in 1995. A year later I introduced some groundbreaking computers that fit in pockets. In 1997 I became a subsidiary of 3Com Corp., which lastyear decided to spin me off as an independent company again. I'm the world leader in my niche, with a market share of 68% and sales in more than 35 nations. My products allow you to check your e-mail on a golf course, surf the Web on a ski slope and look up an address in the middle of a meeting. Thousands of other applications have been developed for my products. Who am I? now the answer? Send it to us with "Fool Trivia" written at the top and you'll be entered in adrawing for a prize.


Last Week's Trivia Answer

I was founded in 1985 and sport more than 23 million members. I gobbled up CompuServe in 1998 and Netscape in 1999. I'm the world's leading Internet services company, and upon completion of an enormous pending merger, I'll be the world's largest media company. Each day I deliver more than 110 million e-mails and 200 million stock quotes. Some brands under my umbrella include ICQ, MapQuest, Digital City, MovieFone, and Winamp. I operate online services in 14 countries and in seven languages, with more than 4 million non-U.S. members. My goal is to be available to consumers anywhere, through any channel. Who am I? Answer: America Online (Ticker symbol AOL)

Our Los Angeles Times winner is ... Matthew Klein of San Luis Obispo, who receives a copy of The Motley Fool's "You Have More Than You Think" by David and Tom Gardner.

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