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Local Youths Appear in Child-Safety Video

August 08, 2000|WONSUN CHOI

Andrew Decker was having one of those perfect days.

Not only did the 14-year-old Simi Valley resident get to meet one of his favorite TV stars, he got a chance to appear in one of her shows.

Andrew got his break during an open casting call last month when he auditioned to play a role in a video being produced by actress Candace Cameron Bure, best known as DJ on the sitcom "Full House," which ran on ABC from 1987 to 1995.

Monday's production at various locations in town was a beginning for both Andrew and Cameron Bure. It was Andrew's first time in front of the camera and Cameron Bure's return to the small screen after a two-year hiatus.

Cameron Bure returned to television as star and executive producer of a child-safety video with partner and Simi Valley resident Shelene Bryan.

"The Krew," a half-hour, straight-to-video project, shows kids how to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Cameron Bure plays Chief, who sends her crew of four precocious secret agents on missions to save children from the dangers of the modern world.

The first episode deals with strangers. Bryan and Cameron Bure plan to produce more after distribution is in place.

"It's real educational," said Sydney Youngblood, 13, a Simi Valley resident who was cast as one of the show's secret agents. "There is so much violence on television. The show is trying to teach the elementary school kids something valuable."

The other principal parts went to Simi Valley's Nanea Miyata, 13, and Los Angeles actor Donald Jenkins, 10.

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